ADA Signs

ADA Compliant Signs in Austin, TX

At Hightech Signs, we are proud to offer ADA compliant signs in Austin, TX, for all your business needs. These signs are designed to meet the specifications set out by the Americans with Disabilities Act. This includes using raised lettering and braille on the signs to assist the reader.

Our ADA signs are available in a wide range of designs and materials, allowing you to match the sign with the décor of your property. To learn more about our custom signs for ADA compliance, or to discuss the signs that your organization requires, reach out to our office.

Identifying Your Property’s Rooms

Typically, our ADA signs are used on the interior of your property. They help to identify rooms throughout your business, as well as to convey safety information to your employees and customers. This way, your building will be easy to navigate, and your business will remain compliant with the ADA standards.

So when you are looking for the ideal signage to post around your office or other commercial properties, turn to Hightech Signs to provide you with the signs and graphics you require. Contact us today to discuss the various options we have available.

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